The Best In BBW Romance
Giving My All To A Savage 2

Life is rapidly changing for everyone in Keyshia's life. In so many ways, they have either grown from their mistakes or they're still learning. As life brings more trials, tribulation and secrets are unraveling. Which way will they turn? Even the righteous people are sinners. Aaron, the senator, is forced to embrace his new life, whether he likes it are not. Learning the person Gmoni thought he was destined to be with has chosen another lover isn’t so easy for him. Keyshia learns Gmoni isn’t giving up as easy as she thought he would. Gmoni continues to bring danger towards Keyshia and her new lover, Jamal. They say the people that have been put in your life could either build you up or break you down.


Keyshia Scott has been through the ringer and back with Gmoni’s wild lifestyle. Shay Mosley only wants to do the right thing in her love life, be there for her brother Jamal Mosley and be by her best friend side no matter what. After death knocked on her door so closely Shay is trying to make better life decisions, but linking back up with a long, lost love, Six Neal, might not make it any easier. Gmoni, Keyshia's savage of a baby father, is out for revenge. He is being vindictive and is out for blood. When the Pandora box opens again, will everyone have that fairytale ending?



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