Bonolo is a South African plus-size fashion designer by day and a bbw author by night. She is a lover of all things curvy which is evident in all her business ventures. She started her own fashion line for curvy women, AfriBlossom at the age of 19 and sees writing bbw love story as a natural next step in bringing plus-size women and issues into the mainstream. Her stories are sweet with a sprinkling of reality and an African twist. She is passionate about telling African love stories in a fun and interesting way. Bonolo is an old soul with an eclectic taste in music and fashion. She loves to breakdown plus-size stereotypes and can be found choreographing and posting dance videos online. This is no sloppy, lazy fat girl.  If she’s not up hustling her favourite past time is sleeping since she does very little of it generally. Bonolo’s always laughing and making others laugh because life is too short to spend it frowning. She is a big homebody with mad love for her family and friends. Her goal is to create things that will have a real impact on women’s lives and long out live her.


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