Hey, My name is Darianna. I'm 14 years of age and I live in Chicago, IL. Growing up In Chicago in this generation is most certainly not easy, especially when you live in the "hood". I just wanted to escape this harsh reality and do something positive. I didn't want to become another statistic, that's not who I am. I wanted to be different, I wanted to separate myself from all the crowds. I wanted to make the ones that love me proud instead of causing them more pain. I make Straight A's and I'm always on my best behavior in school and also at home (of course mama fuss at me every once in a while lol).


Even though I was doing good in school and at home, I always felt as if something was missing, that was until one day I had the sudden urge to read. I downloaded Amazon Kindle and I read my first Urban fiction novel which was 'Little Miami Girl' by Diamond Johnson (I cried when at the end of the series, I didn't want it to end). I began to read all of her books and other authors also. Reading became everything to me. When I didn't have a cell phone, I used to sneak and get my mom's phone to read. When she saw how interested I became in reading she was super happy. I would sit in the house all day and read, and I still do. I became so intrigued In how authors would put together their storylines, I wanted to create one myself. I started off writing in my school notebooks. I would let my classmates read my books and give me feedback, and they loved my work. They encouraged me to keep writing and I did, but that still wasn't enough. I wanted other people to read my work as well, and when I went in search to find a publisher.


One day I saw a flyer that read that a publishing company was looking for new authors. I emailed the publisher the first three chapters of the book I was working on and she loved it, the only problem was my age. I was 13 at the time and she felt as if it was unprofessional to sign a 'little kid', so she said come back when I'm 17. In mind I was thinking that's wayyyyyy to long. Even though, she said no, I wasn't going to stop and give up on my dream. That's when I ran across the flyer for CGP. Kendra also was looking for new authors. I sent Kendra the SAME three chapters of my book and she also loved it. I told her my age and she was accepting of that. She told me that I could write about kids in my age group and when I was 17 I could branch out and write about older age groups. I'm so thankful she gave me this opportunity, I'm also so thankful that she didn't just say no because I was young.


See you're NEVER to young to achieve your dream. Being different is nothing to be ashamed of. Not running in a crowd and stepping outside of crowds and doing some unique is not wrong. CGP is taking over so get ready !!


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